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Los Angeles Kings

More on the Nashville the saga

From Larry Brooks of the NY Post:

Prevailing opinion is that Bettman and the NHL look bad for not knowing that Del Baggio was going to morph into John Spano right before everyone’s eyes. But Bettman looks worse for not knowing what his allies on the Board were doing behind his back.

And his allies look much worse than the commissioner.

Leipold is a small player on the NHL scene. But AEG, LA owner Phil Anschutz and Leiweke have somehow amassed real power within the league despite running one of the NHL’s eyesore franchises. The Kings have missed the playoffs five straight seasons and in eight of the 12 seasons Anschutz has owned the team. They have won one playoff round (in 2001) since their 1993 trip to the Cup Finals.

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Bettman has to be pretty furious that much of this happened without his knowledge.  You really have to wonder what will come of all of this…