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Relocation News: All Winnipeg NHL related news

Editor’s Note:  Tune into the Illegal Curve Radio show tomorrow at 9am to 12 pm cst on Sports Radio 1290, as the guys have an action packed 3 hour show planned.  Including an interview at 10:30 am cst with Thrashers goalie Chris Mason, who was on the show last week and is already a Winnipeg fan favorite.
Chris Mason

Winnipeg Free Press:  Premier hints NHL word could come TuesdayDon’t think fans in Manitoba or Georgia can take much more of this.

Premier Greg Selinger hinted at a Tuesday press conference.

“Let’s make sure we’ve got the ink dry,” Selinger said. “Let’s see what happens on Tuesday.”

USA Today:  Atlanta in midst of another hockey death watchThere’s only so much blame you can heap on the fans.

ESPN:  Players support Winnipeg getting ThrashersFor every Ilya Bryzgalov, there’s a Ian White or Jeff Tambellini or Kevin Bieksa.

Globe & Mail:  Atlanta Thrashers set to move to Winnipeg. The man who broke the news last nightStephen Brunt, updating the article he wrote which started the insanity.

TSN:  Winnipeg’s entry will require support of most owners.  Guess the owners have to decide if they want to be holding the bag for another franchise.

Canoe:  Thrashers still selling tickets.  Why wouldn’t they?  Its business as usual until they hear differently.

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Bettman wants to make Thrashers’ sale hurt for Spirit.  GB gets to put the screws to Atlanta ownership.  Of course the Commish didn’t look too pleased receiving the news last night at the Bruins/Lightning game.  Anyone else note the irony that he got the news via a Blackberry?  Revenge for Balsillie?

Bettman blackberry

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Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Fans still planning to attend Thrashers’ select-a-seat event.  I have a lot of respect for the fans of the Thrashers.  As we discussed with Thrashers Goalie Chris Mason, they definitely have a dedicated fan base, who know their stuff.

CTV:  A look back at Winnipeg’s hockey history.  We may not have won any Cups but we sure had some great teams/players.

Globe & Mail:  Thrashers failure rests with Owners (and NHL too).  I’d like to say Worst Owners ever but I’m not sure these guys would qualify as NHL’s worst.

CBC:  Winnipeg fans cheer possible return of NHL.   Our own Michael Remis went down to Portage & Main and took photos and videos of the impromptu celebration which you can find on our twitter feed.
Portage Main

Winnipeg Free Press:  Don’t moan about Province wanting to help with NHLI like what Lawless has to say.

National Post:  Is NHL coming to a city near youTaking a look at all the cities that could get an NHL team.

Boston Globe:  Move of Thrashers deniedWatching GB shake his head at last night’s Boston/Tampa game showed he wasn’t too happy with the news getting out.

The Province:  Deal to bring NHL team to Winnipeg ‘done’Always nice when the print media out East gives Winnipeg credit.

Toronto Sun: Cool your JetsI think as was displayed last night at Portage & Main, people want an NHL teamHere’s a shot as the first group of Jets fans rush Portage & Main.
First group on Road

Sportsnet:  Reflection of the PastBrophy discusses the potential new team coming to Winnipeg and how it is similar to our teams of the past.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Our cash, arena go well togetherHere is some info for those concerned about the Province spending money on NHL hockey.

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Deal not done to sell and move Thrashers.    Vivlamore has been on top of this story from Atlanta.


Progressive Winnipeg:  Chants from the Portage & Main impromptu rally.  It may be in no particular order but #1 is my favorite.

Oil on Whyte:  Go on and believe the hype.  We already are.  And while I have pulled for teams during the last 15 years that I hated growing up, I’m looking forward to regaining that rivalry with Edmonton, Calgary & Vancouver.
Oilers and Jets

Deadspin:  Don’t cry for me Phillips Arena. If speculation is true that the arena will make more money without the 40 something nights of hockey per season, I guess arena won’t be crying.

Capitals Insider (Washington Post):  How the Thrashers’ fate impacts Capitals.  Looking forward to the possibility of seeing Alexander Ovechkin 3 times next season.

SB Nation Detroit:  Possible NHL realignments scenarios.  This is the kind of speculation people in Winnipeg appreciate.

On the Forecheck:  If the Atlanta Thrashers move to Wpg but stay in Southeast. That’s a lot more travel then anyone else, but with a young team, perhaps they could get past that.

Puck Daddy:  They’re partying in Winnipeg.  Yes we are and it doesn’t look like it will stop until someone tells us differently.

The Spin (Toronto Star):  The soap opera turns.   More drama for the NHL.

Ice Man (AJC):  Do the right thing Atlanta Spirit…for onceThe people who always lose are the fans.

The Hockey News:  Thrashers on verge of move.  Shocker, NHL trying to get as much as they can out of Winnipeg.

Bird Watchers Anonymous:  Calm down everyone.  Nothing to see here.  Sale is not finalSo much misinformation.  We will continue to monitor the situation.

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