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Relocation News: All Winnipeg NHL related news Day 9

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Another suitor for ThrashersI’m sure True North would be interested in a “greatly reduced price”.

Winnipeg Free Press:  City survived loss of Jets, but fans must do betterNo question that fans in Manitoba (and elsewhere i.e. Northwestern Ontario, Saskatchewan and North Dakota) will have to step us to ensure this is a successful venture.  However I have NO doubt that just like how we revived the Pan Am Games or broke attendance records for the World Junior’s, Manitoba has learned a valuable lesson after our 1st go around with the NHL, a lesson which we will learn from as our 2nd chance begins.
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Winnipeg Free Press:  Bettman laughs off Winnipeg sightings, criticizes mediaI’m with the Commissioner in this regard.  I can’t tell you how many people claimed to have seen him and knew for “a fact” that he was staying at a hotel in Winnipeg last week.  Speculation which only serves to set people’s expectations really high and then bring them crashing down when they prove to be false.

Globe and Mail:  The man who revived the Jets by killing them.   Seems crazy to be giving any credit to Thin Ice’s Jim Silver. Deserved or undeserved?  You decide.

Winnipeg Sun:  Cops plan for Portage & Main mayhemPeople are excited but not stupid.  You can’t allow a few bad apples to spoil the bunch as they (who’s they?) say.

Fox Sports:  Bettman refutes reports about ‘done deal’ in WinnipegAt this point, about the only way he could shock the world is if it is announced that he has saved Atlanta.

Toronto Sun:  NHL notes – Seattle talk seems rinky dinkWithout an arena, all this is, is talk.