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Relocation News: All Winnipeg NHL related news Day 7 – No end in sight!

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Anson Carter withdrew interest in Spirit in early 2011Doesn’t sound like the conversation got very serious between the ASG & Carter’s group.

TSN:  No Thrashers announcement before next TuesdaySo there you have it.  Just another 6 days to go.  But since today is practically over, it’s like 5 days.  And since announcement will be Tuesday morning (let’s hope) that cancels another day, so it’s like 4 days.  And weekends always go twice as fast as weekdays, so that further reduces it by 2 daysBasically it will be announced before you know it.  (anyone catch what the above is referencing?  Let me know in comments section).

National Post:  A different Winnipeg awaits the NHLSome would suggest that Winnipeg doesn’t deserve a 2nd chance.  Clearly the economic climate in the province is such that making the NHL work this time around won’t be an issue.
MTS Centre vs. Winnipeg Arena

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Winnipeg Free Press:  Negotiations inch forward on Thrashers dealAnd so we wait.

A source said the purchase price of $110 million for the Thrashers and a $60 relocation fee going to the league are set.   Details described as “consent, owner approval, proof of financial information, etc.” remain on the table.

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Talks on Thrashers sale may go into next weekAs much as people want/need this done 72 hours ago, we need to understand that there are a tremendous number of details to be worked out, so as much as we don’t want to, we need to continue to be enthusiastic and cannot lose our minds if this process continues to drag on.

CBC:  Largest known portrait of the Queen may return to WinnipegI’m sure fans will be happy to see her return to the Peg’ maybe they should bring Jennifer Hanson and her sequenced dress as well.

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TSN:  Prospect of the NHL and CFL co-existingImportance of the piece is it hopefully erases the myth that Winnipeg cannot afford enough entertainment dollars to spend on both sports.

Winnipeg Free Press:  NHL’s Return He’s True North’s hockey manMany seem to think that Heisinger should be given the 1st shot.

Star Phoenix:  Prairies score with hockey back in Peg’. Enjoying the love we’re getting from the West.  Don’t expect it to extend to the Banjo Bowl, but good while it lasts.

But despite that effort, the lack of a large enough city in Saskatchewan makes it an unlikely destination for an NHL franchise.

That doesn’t mean we can’t bask in the return of the NHL to a Prairie city as part of the West’s economic success story, which also shines so brightly on our adjacent province.

Winnipeg Free Press:  NHL dream moving closer to homeLots of kids dreaming of playing for their hometown NHL hockey team.

Slam Sports:  Relocated Flames enjoyed balanced scheduleI remember the days when players flew commercial.  Nowadays they fly in bad boy Jets like so (Sharks plane in Vancouver).

IMG 20110517 00017

Ottawa Citizen:  Winnipeg grew up while Jets were awayThe demise predicted when the team left didn’t occur and the city of Winnipeg has continued to grow and get better and conditions are now such that an NHL team can return.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Sticking with the Jets moniker all about loyalty.  The truth is that almost every person I know owns a minimum of 1 Jets item, which  is a testament to the loyalty the brand elicits.


Eye on Hockey (CBS Sports):  Group interested in having NHL in SeattlePerhaps Daly’s way of saying “not so fast Winnipeg”.  If you look at the map, the NHL could sure use a team in Seattle or Portland, although no arena of sufficient size currently exists.

Pro Hockey Talk (NBC Sports):  Bettman preaches patience, speculation for announcement continuesWill the league wait until after Game 7 (Friday at 8pm) between Tampa & Boston?

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