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QMJHL Board of Governors Discuss Fighting, Come Up with Regulations

The QMJHL Board of Governors met recently to discuss their league’s fighting rules in the wake of the Jonathan Roy brawl. The committee, co-chaired by Danielle Sauvageau and Jacques Letellier, came up with a number of recommendations.

– A plan to communicate the rules clearly and sanctions for brawling and other acts of violence to all players, coaches and teams, as well as an anti-violence awareness campaign.

– Hiring resource people or counsellors that players, coaches and officials can turn to confidentially on questions of violence, harassment, intimidation or other issues.

– That two referees be used in all games, that a supervisor of officials attend all games and better training be provided for officials.

– Penalties for abusive talk on the ice, particularly during stoppages in play, and a ban on anyone other than a team captain or coach from talking to officials.

Interestingly, Gregg Drinnan of Taking Note points out that the WHL has had some of these rules in place for some time.