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Looking for Olympic Hockey Tickets?

The Seattle Times has a story about how to get your hands on tickets for Olympic hockey in Vancouver, circa 2010. Watch out though, as gold medal tickets are expected to set you back between $335 and $755.

All pumped up with Olympic fever and ready to buy tickets to the 2010 Vancouver Games, now only 18 months away?

Be patient, and get in line. No, not that one. The special one, over there, for Americans.

The Games coming to Vancouver and Whistler — Feb. 12-28, 2010 — are expected to create an unprecedented ticket demand for a Winter Olympics, for obvious reasons. Canada is a winter-sports-crazed nation. And the presence of a secondary, similarly enthusiastic U.S. market just over the border adds to the crunch.

Count me in! I will definitely be signing up for the lottery, as tickets will just get more expensive as 2010 draws near.