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Prospect Pulse: Kirill Petrov

Keeping the Euro theme going, Prospect Pulse takes a look at Kirill Petrov. Petrov, a winger from AK Bars Kazan who can play either side, is the Russkie who has the scouts all aflutter. Described as a dominant and exciting player, Petrov is a physically mature player who can do it all.

Expected to be at least a Top 10 pick and possibly a Top 5 despite the lack of a transfer agreement, Petrov could be best described as a power forward with outstanding touch. He excels on the cycle and is supposed to be nearly impossible to knock off the puck. Requires very little room to make a play, he is dangerous from the blue line in every time he steps on the ice. The winger can keep the puck for as long as he wants it, Georges Laraque style, but can either score himself or make plays when need be.

In addition to his puck skills, Petrov is a powerful skater who can back opposing defenders into the zone with ease. Once he has gained the blue line, the other team is forced to give him an inordinate amount of attention or he will burn them. He has quickness to go with his straight ahead speed and can find openings almost anywhere, and doesn’t need much time or space to get off his hard and accurate shot. Has soft hands and is adept at touch passes.

The only negatives that I can find written about him is that he doesn’t like to share the puck and his defensive game is described as “willing to make a fair effort in his own zone” (Red Line Report).