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“Proportional sizing” goaltending equipment

From Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports:

Maybe this didn’t click the first time I read it from the NHL, but Botchford spelled it out with the Vancouver goaltending example. “Proportional sizing” would appear to be a radical departure from professional sports norms. I’m not aware of equipment restrictions like this in the NFL; and I’m fairly certain that even if a player has Tyrannosaurus arms that he has to use the same-sized bat as David Ortiz.

Is “proportional sizing” fair?

What makes this philosophy even more nebulous for the NHL is that the maximums for “proportional sizing” will be established by presumed levels of acceptable safety; in other words, the League is going to tell a 5-10 goalie exactly how much equipment he needs to protect himself, even if he disagrees.

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I am in favor of “proportional sizing” goaltenders equipment.  This will open up more space for the league’s talented shooters and I don’t really worry about the goaltenders lacking protection.  Considering the people in charge of enforcing these new rules were goaltenders, I have a hard time believing they will jeopardize goaltender safety.