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Best players of all-time by country

From Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News:

We have already seen the best Canadian player of all-time. Whether you believe that man is Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr, both accomplished astonishing feats that will never be duplicated. And, unfortunately for young Panik, we have likely seen the best Slovak of all-time in Peter Stastny. The Czechs are sewn up right now as well: Dominik Hasek or Jaromir Jagr. Maybe you even give Stan Mikita some love (he was born there, even if he didn’t play hockey until he got to Canada).

So what about the other nations?

Russia: We’re pretty much sticking to the NHL here, so let’s just establish that up front. Pavel Bure? Sergei Fedorov? Vladimir Konstantinov? I think we’re watching the best right now: Alex Ovechkin. He’s already amassing a good deal of hardware and his Caps squad is on the rise. We’ll be seeing him consistently in the post-season from now on and his combination of offensive wizardry and reckless physical abandonment makes him one of a kind.

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No mention of the KLM line?