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Anaheim Ducks

OTB: More reaction on Ovechkin’s celebration and trouble in Colorado

What team beat writers are saying this afternoon:

  • The bounces seem to finally be falling the Ducks’ way, so don’t count them out quite yet.  This team has been a bit of an enigma this season, so I’m not sure if they’d strike fear into the first or second seed if they indeed got into the playoffs.  That said, they still have Getzlaf, Perry, Selanne, Ryan, Niedermayer and Pronger, so I’m sure those top teams would rather play some other team.
  • Claude Julien will 100% not be fired by the Bruins.  Why was this question even asked?  Is that what it has come to with coaches these days?  C’mon.  This team has over-achieved all season and is sitting atop the Eastern Conference standings.  Absurd.
  • Adrian Dater says last night’s performance versus Edmonton was an atrocityWhen beat guys flat out say it is the worst performance they’ve ever seen, you certainly have to take their word for it.  Dater, as he says in the post, has seen a lot of Avalanche games over the years, if last night’s game was truly as bad as he says (I didn’t catch the game) then heads could roll in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Denis Gauthier was injured last night for the Kings.  No word yet on whether he kneed himself.
  • No Colin White for the Devils tonight.  No reason to rush it with the playoffs just around the corner.
  • James Gordon of the Ottawa Citizen wonders whether Sens fans believe in miraclesDaunting task, but it isn’t like the teams in front of them are lighting the world on fire.
  • Seth Rorabaugh previews all things Kings for Penguins fans.  Desperate bunch they are facing tonight in Pittsburgh.
  • Bruce Boudreau had a talk with Alexander Ovechkin following last night’s goal celebration with you can find hereLet’s just say, don’t expect a similar celebration any time soon.  Personally, I don’t like Ovechkin’s celebrations, as he think he goes over-the-top just about every time; however, I generally don’t really have a problem with his celebrations because he does seem to be genuine in his excitement.  That said, last night’s celebration was unnecessary and lacked class.  I’ll just say this–Wayne Gretzky scored 894 career NHL goals, and he didn’t have any celebrations like that.  Learn from the best.