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On the Beat: Time is running out for Dany Heatley, Bob Murray has the Ducks in the clear and Souray was the cause for the Oilers penalty troubles last season.

Time is not on Dany Heatley’s side anymore as it seems everyone has lost patience with his act, Bob Murray has done a great job replacing Brian Burke, Sabres preseason tickets go on sale, Newbies show up early in Carolina, Holmstrom is healthy and ready to start the season, penalties taken by Sheldon Souray and not Ethan Moreau cost the Oilers last season, Brendan Shanahan has his pick of numbers and it appears the NHL & NHLPA both have a problem telling the truth.

News from the Team beat writers:

  • Looks like time is running out for Dany Heatley’s trade demand.  If you saw Eugene Melnyk’s comments yesterday you can see that even the owner is exasperated with his star.
  • Curtis Zupke over at the OC County Register informs readers that Bob Murray has done an admirable job since taking over for Brian Burke and has the Ducks in the clearAnaheim was pretty good last season stretching Western Conference Champ Detroit to 7.  They have some beasts on forward and should be very competitive this season.  Check out Ezzy’s preview of the Ducks in Illegalcurve’s 30 teams in 30 days, which kicked off today.
  • If you are looking for Sabres preseason tickets, they are now on sale says John Vogl of the Buffalo News.  I wish all NHL games were so inexpensive.
  • The new faces have shown up early in Carolina says Chip Alexander of the News & Observer.
  • Good news for Wings fans as Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press says that Holmstrom is healthy and ready for the season to start.  That is good news because from what I saw last season, he was dragging himself around the ice.
  • David Staples over at Cult of Hockey explains that it was penalties taken by Sheldon Souray, not Ethan Moreau, that cost the Oilers last season.
  • Looks like Brendan Shanahan had his pick of two numbers (11 & 14) close to his heart in New Jersey writes Rich Chere of the Star-Ledger.
  • Damien Cox from the Toronto Star talks about the first casualty of war, the truth, as the battle heats up on two frons; one within the NHLPA and secondly with the NHL & Phoenix.