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Noel pregame press conference

As usual, Coach Claude Noel spoke to the media after practice this morning in anticipation for tonight’s game versus Tampa Bay.

On juggling the lines for tonight

“Just trying to get some things going, we’ve had the same twos with a lot of lines, with the three lines we’ve had two guys on the same line since the start, we’re just trying to juggle around just to see if it unjars some things. Sometimes it helps your focus too you’ve got to pay more attention to details, it’s probably time.”

We’ll see how long he sticks with the new line combos, in recent games after they have changed the lines, they go back to the original lines after a few shifts.

On breaking the 1-3-1:

“You’ve got to get through there, carrying the puck through there is your first mistake. Just got to get it through there. It’s the 1-3-1 it’s just a different system. They do a good job, it’s well designed, it’s been around a long system. It’s a tough system to play against, they do a nice job, and you just can’t turn it over. They live and die off of it; you just got to make sure you get through it. Last time we played them in the 3rd period, we tried to carry pucks through it, it doesn’t work, you can’t do it, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot when you do that.”

On trying to get some of the struggling players going

“It’s a tough task for those guys, Bryan, Ladder and those guys. They have a tough task, you put heavy demands on them, they’re maybe your top line and you put them against the other team’s top line. You want them not only to check them which they always do and they do it well, but you want them to create a lot of offense, it’s a big burden. Are they true first line guys? Maybe not yet, but it’s good experience for them, but it’s a tough task. They do the defensive responsibilities well, they do create some offense. It’s easy to get bogged down, they work hard, they play responsible, it’ll come around eventually. What has to happen is you have to get more from your four lines to take the burden off. That includes four lines checking. Then maybe I can put a specific line to check against the top line. Then I don’t have to deal with so much weight, because someone else is doing that. What you have to do is share the burden (of defensive responsibilities)”

On last game versus Tampa

“The reason why I think we were going through pockets of different things early then, it was around eight or ten or somewhere. We were ready to play better then, that was a gradual progression of the team, yes it should give us confidence. We showed them we can play well and we can play well for sixty minutes. At that particular juncture it was good for us. Now we’re at the stage of our team building areas and we’re going through some stuff now that’s different. It should give us confidence. There are a couple things that are important, it depends how you present it as a coach, are you getting frustrated, where are you at with your team. I feel good about tonight’s game, I think our group feels pretty focused right now. Tired of losing, we want to get back on track. I think we’ll have a good game tonight, we need a good game from the stand point of work, discipline, details and everybody play with energy. The last game we had here was not good and we need to prove that we are way better than our last home game.”

On getting to know the team identity

“Normally with your team you’re going to know your team within eighteen, fifteen, twenty games maybe. I’ve seen it go to longer than that, twenty five, last year for example it did. It was a different league but it was longer last year for whatever reason. This year there’s some complexities, the complexity is that we’re a group that has left Atlanta and has come to a new environment. We know how we want to operate here as Winnipeg Jets, our identity is very clear on what we want. Our identity and the standard of work we want is very clear. It’s in St. John because the Moose have been here for fifteen years and that identity has been forged with people in the past and with me last year. There it’s a well oiled machine, they’re doing well, leadership is good, it’s well driven. We’re going to get to that point and it takes a little longer because the situation we are in.”

“I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long, but I’m expecting it’s going to take longer than usual. It’s ok as long as we fight through this stuff and understand what it is.”

On what Jason Jaffray brings to the table

“Jason has played a little in the National League, he’s a real solid AHL player that has really good character and really battled and fought through to get this opportunity to play. He’s a good player I like him a lot. He’s a really sincere player, I don’t want him to be anything more than who he is. He can play in the league, how long will be determined by the situation.”

“It’s really good at this juncture for us, it’s good for us to bring him here, not that he’s going to bring us leadership. He just knows how to play. He knows the method of what I like, I’ve coached him, he’s been a Manitoba Moose player for some time. He’s gone through the whole deal here, he understands that. He can help a little bit with young players in his own little way. You can’t walk into the room and be the all mighty leader, it’s not his team. He knows that process, he’s a smart veteran guy. He’ll help us out and be part of the group, that’s all we want him to be, part of the group.”

On what they are expecting from recently called up Arturs Kulda

“Just to help us defend, to help us play, just move the puck, fit in, he’s played some games. We just need him to help us, just be like the other guys who came up, Flood, Festerling, Postma. Don’t try to overplay. Stay at home guy, plays with a bit of bite, can check and defend, we got to try to help him out too. Match him up in the right situations.”