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Nighty News: Patrick Roy spends time in Denver, Charles Wang continues to bleed money, Jacques Demers plays GM

Here are some stories that are circulating around the blogs this evening;

  • Fans in New Jersey are wondering how to solve the conundrum that is Dainius ZubrusHow many players start off lightning hot and cool off.
  • Lighthouse Hockey looks at their own ownership situation as Charles Wang bleeds money over in Long Island.  Wang is bleeding money right now and if the Board doesn’t certify his real estate plan to re-develop the area around Long Island he will start to seriously look into K.C.
  • The Flyers grade Simon Gagne.   He’s rock solid. 
  • So many Sabres have come and gone in the organization over the past 39 years.  But who was the best wearing their numberThey debate #4.  Tell me when they get to #16.  (anyone know who that was??)
  • Over at Matchsticks and Gasoline they review the Flames seasonIf they have healthy defense for the 1st round it is a different series (not a sure win, but closer than it was).
  • The Patrick Roy intrigue in Denver deepens and the Avalanche fans are worried.  Some many questions revolving around this franchise. 
  • A particularly cold day in Sunrise finds now-former Florida color commentator Denis Potvin chillin’ with some soothing tunes. Even Anne Murray couldn’t save him. We’re not in Canada anymore, Toto.  Word on the street is he might be returning to the Island.
  • Jacques Demers plays Habs GM and tells us how he would handle Montreal’s free agents.  Always liked Jacques and I’m sure he would know how to handle these guys.
  • A Nashville persepective of the Coyotes situation.  Nobody knows what Phoenix is up against more than these guys.
  • As the Sharks look to move on from this season they review the play of some of their UFA’s, in this case Alexei SemenovIts time to figure it out what the Sharks can do to make the Western Conference Finals or at least past the 1st or 2nd round.
  • The architect of the St. Louis Blues’ draft, Jarmo Kekalainen, arguably the biggest factor in the resurgance of the team, was rewarded Friday with a contract extension.  The Blues are surging and he deserves a lot of the credit.