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Bettman v. Balisille–Saturday Update

Today has been a relatively quiet day on the Balsillie v. Bettman front. They must both be taking the day off in honour of the Jewish Sabbath. Here are a couple of links from that may fulfill your needed dose of medicine regarding the Fiasco in Phoenix:

Balsillie sits down with venerable Canadian broadcaster Lloyd Robertson

Instant analysis: Nothing earth-shattering in this interview. Balsillie says that owning a hockey team in Southern Ontario would be a dream for him. The most interesting part of the entire interview comes when Balsillie says he doesn’t think any personal animous between him and Bettman will prevent him from owning the Coyotes. (If he truly believes that, he is fooling himself, because I believe personal animous is the only thing preventing him from already being an NHL owner.)

The second interesting article, relates to another troubled southern franchise and its viability in its current market.

Vancouver ownership group looking into moving Thrashers to Hamilton

Instant analysis: Now, isn’t this an interesting development, if it is true. The Thrashers have been an un-mitigated disaster in all aspects of their tenure in Atlanta. They probably rival, if not outright defeat, Phoenix in the battle for worst franchise in the NHL. Their move to Hamilton could be accomplished more simply, with a straightforward purchase and relocation, much like we saw with the Winnipeg Jets. The biggest headache facing Balsillie’s purchase of the Coyotes, the bankruptcy proceedings, would not be an issue for anyone who wishes to purchase the Thrashers. Could this be the franchise that results in Canada’s long awaited and desired seventh franchise? A simple 50% +1 majority of NHL owners approving the relocation is all it would take.

As always, stay with for your latest news and analysis regarding the issue of Balsille v. Bettman and all of its offspring.