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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: Weighing the pros and cons of Heatley vs. Kessel, Ovechkin willing to risk suspension to play in 2014 Olympics

Burke justifies a possible offer to Kessel by returning to the Lowe offer to Penner from last season, Who is Betty and who is Veronica in the Kessel vs. Heatley debate and Ovechkin willing to risk suspension to play in 2014 Olympics. And much, much more in this special 09/09/09 @ 9pm edition of Nightly Hockey Hits.

Today is a special day of posting as today’s post goes off at 9pm on 09/09/09.  Spooky.  In keeping with the number 9 I have 9 stories from across the blogs:

  • Ice Man:  To Zherdev or not to Zherdev.  That is apparently the question that is being asked in Atlanta.
  • Sens Town:  Pascal is 100%.  The Senators are going to need him to be close to his best.
  • The Bruins Blog:  Weighing Heatley over Kessel.  I like the Archie analogy.  Would you rather have 10 more goals or $3 million more dollars?  Obviously it isn’t that simple but Matt makes some good points.
  • Cult of Hockey:  Brian Burke accuses Kevin Lowe of going “backdoor” on him.  Like any good illusionist, he has you look over there, while he performs the trick over here.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  Ovechkin willing to risk suspension to play in 2014 Olympics.  Well according to a very good article over at Canes Country, instead of worrying about the Olympics, Ovechkin should be worrying about winning the division.  (I slid that last story in my comments so I wouldn’t lose my 9 posts status on this auspicious day).  
  • Puck Daddy:  Collateral Damage of the situation in Phoenix and how the fans are impacted.  Having lived through one of these, I have empathy for fans in Phoenix
  • The Cannon:  Calvert awesome.  As today was our Jacket’s preview, I felt it would be important to have a story about Columbus and it appears that despite the loss to the Stars, the Jackets prospects are looking good.
  • All things Avs:  First day of rookie camp, with video.  Some cool footage of the Avs rookies.   It appears that Matt Duchene is channelling his inner Joe Sakic when it comes to speaking with the media.
  • Red Wings Blog:  Don’t expect to Twitter with any Red Wings.  Not because Coach Babcock has banned the practice, but because it appears the team is rather techno-phobic.  Guess that means we won’t be getting any tweets from the bench.