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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: Live blog of NHL courtroom drama, Lundqvist wants to play 70 games, Phil Kessel ends negotiations with Bruins; Are Leafs ready to pounce?

Well it appears that Kessel is done with the Bruins, so are the Leafs going to be making a move? Looks like Henrik Lundqvist wants to play every game for the Rangers & Swedish Olympic team this season. The NHL is live blogging the showdown in Glendale. And Ovechkin expresses himself. As well as much, much more!

Some news and notes from across the blogs:

  • Pension Plan Puppets:  Phil Kessel anticipation station.  All eyes are on Brian Burke.  I’m sure Kevin Lowe is loving the irony.
  • The New York Rangers Blog:  70 games fits Lundqvist.  And that doesn’t even include games played by Sweden during the Olympics.  I don’t think he will play that much.  More likely in the 60 game range.  And good news for Rangers fans that he is finally holding his glove hand higher.
  • Silver Seven:  Heatley short on time, but not on rumours.  I just can’t see this deal happening anytime soon.  It would appear the boat on this trade has sailed.  At least for now.
  • The Hockey News:  Montreal Canadiens get to know each other after summer housecleaning.  Lots of new faces.  Wonder how they will gel this season.
  • On Frozen Blog:  What is this rookie camp week all about anyway?  Looks good for the guys still on Hershey that Boudreau believes that a number will be up with the Capitals.
  • Puck Daddy:  Nabokov, Marleau snubbed in promo letter; Sharks respond.  Perhaps the Sharks through their advertising campagin are sending a message.  Nobody is untouchable and it’s time someone lights a fire under the Sharks.
  • Razor with an Edge:  Showdown in Glendale.  The offer by Balsillie is clearly an overbid but there is NO chance that the league would a) expand to a 31st team in the current economic climate and b) if they did, there is even less of a chance they would issue a new expansion franchise to Phoenix, if they allowed Coyotes to move to Ontario.  (I would have to imagine that K.C. or Vegas would be the league’s first American choice for expansion).
  • Canucks Army:  Hodgson or Shirokov?  Looks like the Canucks have a problem most teams would love, lots of young talent, and are going to be forced to make a decision.  Their inability to send Hodgson to the AHL leaves them in a tough spot.
  •  Live blog of Court proceedings.  They’ve been blogging since 11:30 am and it ended with a BANG.  “The NHL announced that it, in conjunction with the City of Glendale, has no desire to cross examine Balsillie during Friday’s proceedings and as a result it does not appear that Balsillie will take the stand.”
  • SB Nation:  Fleury in negotiations for NHL reinstatement.  While he might be reinstated by the league, are any teams actually going to give the 41 year old, whose been out of hockey since 2002/03 a chance??
  • The Hockey News:  Ovechkin wants player meeting on 2014 Olympic participation.  Gotta love his willingness to talk freely with the media.