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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: Weekend NHL Rumours, Alex Ovechkin might be 4-5 weeks away*, Halak’s agent starts tweet-gate, justifying the Flames/Leafs jumping ahead of the line for flu shots, solving escrow, Avery talks retaliation.

Leafs starting to see positives; Wings GM isn’t looking for quick fix; Joe Thornton the PK specalist. These stories and a look at Brett Hull’s Hall of Fame career after the jump.

Here is tonight’s word from around the blogs:

  • New York Rangers Blog:  You can’t retaliate says Avery.  Tough situation but they likely should have defended their captain.
  • Puck Daddy:  Chatting with Alex Ovechkin about his ‘weeks’ of injury rehab.  Wow 4-5 weeks is a lot more than I expected.  Wonder if he is still the favorite for the Maurice Richard? * The Caps are now denying this delay.
  • Frozen Leafs:  Leafs earn first signature win of the young season.  Perhaps all those stories of the season being over before it had begun were premature.
  • All Habs:  Halak’s agent tweets and it draws big response.  His comments were discussed on HNIC and Kelly Hrudey was not happy with them.  Walsh responded: “It was a tongue in cheek comment not meant to be taken seriously, forgot it was Montreal and everyone loses a sense of humor.”  Which goes to show you that you must always be careful what you tweet.  (speaking of, for the latest NHL news follow Illegalcurve on Twitter).
  • Snapshots:  Ken Holland says Wings will not call up injury replacement for Jason Williams.  With someone who has had as much success as Holland has, it’s pretty difficult to argue with the moves he makes.
  • Cult of Hockey:  The Flames and Leafs were right to get the flu shot and the authorities were right to give it to them.  We might not like it, but his points on equality are true.
  • Fear the Fin:  Is Joe Thornton a stone cold killa?  A solid offensive force, and now incorporating some defense into his game.  Could spell even bigger problems facing the Sharks.
  • Hockey or Die:  Solving escrow.  A very innovative idea.  Give it a read.
  • Brodeur is a Fraud:  Team effects on goalies.  Interesting to see the increasing independence between team results and goalie results.
  • Hockey Rumours:  Wings looking for goalie, Corvo available, Forsberg latest.  With some teams faltering, expect the vultures to start circling the corpses.
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  Hull of fame.  Love his candor and slap shot