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NHL commissioner Gary Bettman to meet in near future with Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff

A meeting is to take place between the Jets GM and NHL commissioner.

It has been a day of reckoning in the NHL with the independent report surrounding the Chicago Blackhawks and allegations of a cover up from 2010.

Today the report titled: Report to the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Team Regarding the Organization’s Response to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by a Former Coach came out and as part of the moves Stan Bowman stepped aside as GM of the Hawks.  The team was also fined 2 million dollars by the NHL.

This report has an impact in Winnipeg as Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff was involved with Chicago as an assistant GM at the time.

The team released a statement on behalf of the Jets GM in July which reads in part:

“I had no knowledge of any allegations involving Mr. Aldrich until asked if I was aware of anything just prior to the conclusion of his employment with the Chicago Blackhawks.”.  The “until asked” element of that statement is probably worth noting.

From Chris Johnston of Toronto Star/TSN:

The Jenner & Block report says the meeting involving John McDonagh, Al MacIsaac, Stan Bowman, Jay Blunk, Kevin Cheveldayoff, Joel Quenneville and Jim Gary happened May 23, 2010 — within an hour of the #Blackhawks win to advance to the Stanley Cup Final.

Here is the section from today’s report on Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff:

Kevin Cheveldayoff, then the Assistant General Manager, recalled that there was a meeting in McDonough’s office before a home game during the Philadelphia series (the Stanley Cup Finals), and not the San Jose series. Regardless of when Cheveldayoff believed the meeting occurred, Cheveldayoff recalled being in a meeting in McDonough’s office regarding Aldrich with others in senior management, including McDonough, Bowman, MacIsaac, and Quenneville. He recalled the group was told that there were allegations that Aldrich was socializing with players outside the arena, Aldrich sent inappropriate texts to players, and Aldrich made unwanted advances on players. Cheveldayoff recalled that John Doe and Black Ace 1 were specifically referenced during the meeting. Cheveldayoff also recalled that he felt shocked at the time because it was not common for coaches and players to socialize, and he believed at the time that the allegations were serious. He further recalled someone stating that the allegations needed to be investigated and that someone would make sure the two players and Aldrich would be kept separate. Cheveldayoff recalled no other substantive details from the meeting.

Here is what Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet reported from the commissioner:

Commissioner Bettman: “With respect to Messrs. Cheveldayoff and Quenneville…I plan to arrange personal meetings in the near future with both to discuss their roles in the relevant events as detailed in the Report. I will reserve judgment on next steps, if any, with them.”

What that will be remains to be seen


Here is a statement the team released on behalf of GM Kevin Cheveldayoff:

“I have shared everything I know about this matter as part of my participation in Jenner & Block’s investigation. That is reflected in today’s investigation report. Further, I look forward to my discussion with Commissioner Bettman at the soonest possible date to continue to cooperate fully with the National Hockey League. I will reserve any further comment until after that conversation has been conducted.”