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MTS Centre

MTS Centre building enhancements and upgrades

Scheduled for completion during the summer of 2016

Photo Credit:  Colby Spence

Photo Credit: Colby Spence

Season ticket holders were given notice of the building enhancements and upgrades that are scheduled for completion during the summer of 2016.

Email from True North:

As part of our multi-year “TN2020” capital expenditure and venue improvement plan, True North is pleased to announce the MTS Centre building enhancements and upgrades that have been confirmed, and scheduled for completion during the summer of 2016.

True North ownership, management and staff remain dedicated to delivering an improved fan experience for all Winnipeg Jets stakeholders to enhance your game experience wherever possible. With that in mind, this year’s MTS Centre building improvements will focus primarily on our bowl seating, as well as improved sightlines.

The most significant improvement will be the replacement of all cushions and seat covers for all fixed seating in the upper and lower bowls, enhancing both comfort and design. Additionally, new bleachers and decking will be installed in the south-end lower bowl, and better-quality decking will be constructed for the east and west retractable seating areas. This will include the replacement of approximately 1,500 seats with a sturdier, more comfortable seat.

After an extensive study of design alternatives, building code, and product offerings, a thorough glass project will be implemented throughout the MTS Centre. Where code and safety allows, steel mesh and sight-obstruction steel posts will be replaced with seamless glass throughout the venue.

Additionally, this summer will begin a 2-year program that will see 350 new TV screens, ranging from 42” to 80”. These screens will be presented on MTS Centre concourses and public walkways which will offer digital menu boards in our concessions, improved game and social media feeds, as well as event information for upcoming shows at the MTS Centre and Burton Cummings Theatre. Complementing new digital menu boards, a new food & beverage point-of-sale system will be implemented this summer to provide improved speed of service at MTS Centre concessions, and offer new convenient payment options to fans.

We are extremely grateful for the continued support of our seat holders, and as an organization, remain committed to the long term development of our Winnipeg Jets team and the MTS Centre. We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm, and look forward to the completion of this next phase of MTS Centre building enhancements.