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Moose assistant coach Eric Dubois speaks about his son Pierre-Luc’s acquisition by the Winnipeg Jets

Hear from the Manitoba assistant coach as he spoke about the Jets trading for his son.

After the Jets made the blockbuster trade for his son Pierre-Luc over the weekend, Moose assistant coach Eric Dubois sat down to discuss the big trade and having his son coming home.


1. What does it mean to have his son coming to Winnipeg?
2. Describe what the last little while has been prior to the trade?
3. His thoughts on the last shift his son played in Columbus?
4. Question in French.
5. Does he set boundaries between him and his son in terms of hockey?
6. How he taught his son as a “coach”.
7. Having his son home after the quarantine.
8. Question in French
9. His thoughts on Logan Stanley playing with the Jets?
10. What is Pierre-Luc like off the ice?