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Winnipeg Jets

Mark Scheifele beats Tyler Seguin in pre-game Paper Rock Scissors contest

Winnipeg Jets centre wins a game of Paper Rock Scissors vs. Dallas Stars centre Tyler Seguin.


As folks around these parts know well Mark Scheifele is always the last Jets player off the ice during pre-game warm up skate.

Tonight it was a bit different as Stars sniper Tyler Seguin tried to fake Scheifele out and pretended to leave the ice.  The Jets centre didn’t fall for it and neither player appeared prepared to leave the ice (despite the fact that the zambonis were ready to clean it for the game that was to take place twenty to thirty minutes later).

Eventually they settled it the way you would expect them to…with a game of Paper Rock Scissors.  Here were the results:

Guess #55 was using that home ice advantage. Not sure if Seguin does this regularly or if he knew that was Scheifele’s habit.