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Manitoba Moose sign Greg Husson to ATO as backup goalie

Moose sign Husson to an ATO.

Social media was buzzing that there was something amiss with the Manitoba Moose goalies this afternoon.  I got to the MTS Centre and learned that Eric Comrie would not be in the lineup for Manitoba this evening.  We still don’t know why he is out (Update: He is sick) but we will ask coach Vincent post-game what is wrong with his young tender.

In his stead the Moose needed someone to act as Ondrej Pavelec’s backup.  Enter Greg Husson.  Who is Greg Husson you ask?  Don’t feel bad, as we asked the same thing.  Turns out he is a 45 year old firefighter who the Moose signed to an ATO to act as Ondrej Pavelec’s backup.

When warm up skate began the Moose players made the 45 year old “rookie” skate out all alone as is the rookie tradition in hockey:

And then he got into warm up:

Following the game defenceman Peter Stoykewych said “having him around here was good for us, its kinda nice.  Its nice to have a little bit of change to the regular routine and we appreciate when Huss came in and did for us here today, he had a great warm-up.  He looked good out there.”

Moose coach Pascal Vincent was happy that Husson was able to accommodate their need with Tulsa goalie Jamie Phillips not able to get to Winnipeg in time to backup Pavelec.  The bench boss added “not too often you see a guy your age in the lineup and it was very nice of him”.

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