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Development Camp

Manitoba Moose Coach Pascal Vincent talks during Development Camp

Hear from the Moose bench boss.

Following his third day on the ice with the prospects and invitees to Jets Development Camp Moose bench boss Pascal Vincent spoke.

Scrum topics:  On getting new players acclimatized to the organization.  Thoughts on Andrei Chibisov and Joona Luoto.  CJ Suess play last season.  Growth in Mikhail Berdin.  What has he seen from Dylan Samberg?  How would he describe Logan Stanley’s growth?  Is Tucker Poolman ready to make the jump?


On Andrei Chibisov and Joona Luoto who the Jets signed “To see them after reading the reports and stuff.  You have a visual on the players and its good for us, its good for our team, for our coaching staff to have a brief eval…not evaluation but idea on the kind of player.  Today was more one-on-one battles and then how do they play those situations on the ice.  Because of their age and their physical strength you can see that they’re ready to make that step.  I feel pretty good.  After a few days you look at those guys, the bottom line is they’re pretty good hockey players.”

On CJ Suess “He took what we did last year at Development Camp and brought it to camp.  Combined with his compete level and his skills but we could see the improvement.  He came with us at the end of the year, two years ago and we had our exit meetings, talked about what he needed to do.  Came to Development Camp.  Took that and brought it to his game.  Added those components to his game and then had a really good start to his season.  Unfortunately he got injured but we can see now he’s back on track and hopefully the injury didn’t affect long term process.”

On Berdin “He’s a little bigger in the net.  His quickness, he’s a little bit faster.  You can see the process.  He’s becoming a more mature player.  It is really interesting to see him move.”

On Berdin’s stichhandling “he’s so talented at playing the puck. We have seen, after awhile, that teams would change their way of forechecking or the way their dumping the pucks in just because he was in the net.

Whether Poolman is ready to make jump to the NHL “I think so.  He needed that time with the Moose to get that confidence back and feel good about himself and to play those minutes.  He’s another guy that played heavy minutes against top lines.  I believe so.”