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Letter from Winnipeg Jets Executive Chairman Mark Chipman to season ticket holders

Some changes being made.

The Jets organization sent out a letter this afternoon to season ticket holders on behalf of Executive Chairman Mark Chipman. It reads as follows:

As we reflect on the past 11 years and the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg, we continue to feel a sense of overwhelming gratitude for the unwavering fan support for our Winnipeg Jets during this time – and especially in light of what our entire community has endured over the past two years.

Your dedication to and passion for our team is felt far and wide. Together, 11 seasons of Winnipeg Jets hockey has allowed our community to:

Invest in and grow our team, giving us all the opportunity to enjoy four consecutive years of playoff hockey (and continue to remain in the fight to earn a playoff spot again this year) and further celebrate the passion and uniqueness of Winnipeg Whiteouts and #WeAreWPG Street Parties;

Enjoy more than $55 million in venue renovations and improvements to the live fan experience at Canada Life Centre, and now look ahead to a further $15 million in enhancements in the coming years;

Support True North and our hockey teams, not only in celebrating the wins, but in journeying through a number of challenging societal issues within and outside of our hockey community, and to directly and positively impact the lives of thousands of youth and their families through our True North Youth Foundation Hockey Academy, Project 11, and Camp Manitou investments; and

Demonstrate, not just to the league, but to the world, that Winnipeg has established its place as a highly respected NHL city.

While True North’s vision, mission and values have not changed over the years, how we operate has and will continue to evolve. Pursuing one of our values, Continuous Improvement, we have in recent years sought understanding from our season ticket holders, through surveys and conversation, on how to serve you better. Based on your feedback, and motivated to demonstrate renewed commitment to you as a part of our season ticket fanbase, we are excited to introduce an updated Winnipeg Jets Season Ticket Membership Program for the 2022-23 season, highlighted by:

An end to multi-year seat holder agreements: Keep the seats you love, close to other fans and friends you have made over the years, with the option of renewing your tickets on a yearly basis.

The return of your seat holder deposit: We feel your passion and know you’re committed to being a Jets fan; your seat deposit will be returned, and you will have the option of applying it to your 2022-23 Season Tickets.

Enhanced benefits: Being a part of the Season Ticket Membership Program comes with more than just experiencing the incredible on-ice product. Members will enjoy exclusive benefits including first right to playoff tickets, discounts on food & beverage and Jets Gear merchandise, limited edition gifts, VIP event invitations, and access to exclusive contests and experiences with the team and players – which we anticipate will increase as restrictions continue to loosen – and more.

The formation of the Winnipeg Jets Membership Advisory Council: This season we consulted with you, our most valued fan, on some of the most important decisions our Club has faced in recent years. We want to ensure that we continue to make decisions that align with your expectations as a valued Season Ticket Member. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing details on how you can be more directly involved in decision making with the formation of a new Winnipeg Jets Membership Advisory Council.

Tomorrow you will receive more information on the Season Ticket Membership transition. While you are currently mid-agreement, you will be invited to opt into the updated Membership Program for 2022-23. This would result in the return of your seat holder deposit which can be applied to the upcoming season. I sincerely thank you for your investment in our team over the years, and for the heartfelt time and energy that continues to drive our players and your fellow fans through unforgettable in-game experiences and atmosphere.

Looking ahead, the long-term success of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club will continue to be linked to the strength of our Season Ticket Membership base, who collectively serve as the very foundation of our team. We truly are fuelled by your passion, on and off the ice. Please know that you are valued and that True North Sports + Entertainment is committed to improving that value proposition as well as to producing a team that is consistently competing for an NHL playoff berth and the ultimate goal of winning a Stanley Cup. Together, We are True North.

Mark Chipman

What are your thoughts with respect to this move by the local NHL club?