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Development Camp

Jets Development Camp Day 3: Roslovic, Foley and Appleton

Following scrimmage we hear from some of the Jets prospects.

Roslovic fogged glass

Jack Roslovic:

Topics:  Mid season form already?  Was the scrimmage what he expected it to be?  Still some competitive play.  Good to get some points with the brass watching.

Eric Foley:

Topics:  What’s it feel to get the win for his team?  How did they win that game? Was the pace surprising for July? What was it like with the expectations for the game?  How does he feel camp has gone for him so far?

Mason Appleton:

Topics:  Good pace for July.  How much fun did he have playing with Lemieux and Connor?  Thoughts on Kyle Connor.  What has the week been like for him and what has he taken out of camp?