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Development Camp

Jets Development Camp Day 2: Group A

Audio of interviews with players from Group A.

Tucker Poolman media chat

Tucker Poolman:

Topics:  Has the national championship party ended?  What has the experience of playing collegiate hockey been like?  What made UND so good this year?  The process for him staying in school.  Talk about repeat?  Opportunity to play with his brother.  Back playing D full time.  Having Brad Berry as a head coach.  The Development Camp experience.  What’s it mean to be a local guy playing for the local team?  How does the depth of this camp compare from years past?  Contrasting styles between the different leagues?  Did being a late bloomer factor into his decision on not turning pro.

Logan Stanley:

Topics:  How does it feel to be in Winnipeg and have Development Camp underway.  How do the legs feel after training?  What were things like after the draft ended?  What was the reaction like back home?  What is biggest thing he will work on this summer?  Has he thought about what training camp will be like?  Measuring himself against NHL guys.  On his improvements in Windsor between year one and year two.  Figuring where he fits in with the Jets defensive depth.  Making any fast friends?  What’s it like having Lemieux as a team mate?