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Jacob Trouba’s agent, Kurt Overhardt discusses his client’s trade request

Trouba’s agent discusses his client’s requested trade.

Jacob Trouba’s agent Kurt Overhardt spoke to Hustler & Lawless today on the topic of his client requesting a trade from the Winnipeg Jets.


Q: Why did Trouba need to do this?

“……we felt it was necessary to be transparent and explain why he is not at camp.”

Q: Have the Jets ever had the opportunity to offer Jacob a new contract?

“Like I said in the press report, over the last several months we have not negotiated a contract.”

Q: It’s eight weeks until December 1st, if there is no trade fit out there, is Jacob prepared to sit out the year?

“…I think we will deal with the issue as the time comes….We obviously have a job to do, I have a job to do on behalf of my client.  The announcement we made on Saturday was not done unadvisedly.  I think it shows a conviction of a young man whose got a set of values where he wants to have the opportunity to realize his potential…”

Q:  Has Jacob Trouba played his last game wearing a Winnipeg Jets jersey here in the ‘Peg?

“I think we made our statement.  I think our statement’s clear.  I don’t think there is any ambiguity in what our statement was.  This is not a negotiating ploy.  I’ve been asked that several times.  The rest of our conversations with the club will be private.”