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Injury Update: Patrik Laine and Tyler Myers

Updates on Laine and Myers.

Laine and Myers

When is an update not an update?  There wasn’t anything tremendously earth shattering about either player but since folks have been asking about them, this is what coach Maurice said about both Laine and Myers today following skate.

On Patrik Laine:

Any update on Laine: “I could tell you he’s improving and that would be true and then we will have to wait until tomorrow to see if it’s more true.  So, yes its good.  We like to think its getting better every day.  Careful about saying that cause normal course there are times when it doesn’t get better every day.”

Has he started skating: “I will tell you the first day he is on the ice. He’s in that process of feeling better/light stuff and then the first day he skates we won’t hide it from ya.”

Update (January 18th):  Laine hit the ice today for his first skate.  Read the full quotes from coach Maurice on the progress of the rookie.  Click here.

On Tyler Myers:

On whether Myers is back with the organization: “He’s in the room today, on the rehab, correct.”

When asked how close he is to full health: “He is still dealing with his personal family issue and that’s priority number one for him, so until such time as he can spend the time here…so I would say there is no movement on his injury.”