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IC Contests

Illegal Curve Contests for 2013-14 Winnipeg Jets season

Another season of contests are about to begin.

We run two contests during the regular season via our @illegalcurve twitter.

IC Contests

1) #IC5050 contest. The Jets have a 50/50 contest at every home game and if you can guess how much the winner takes home, you win IC Gear. (Here is a list of past winning totals to give you an idea).

2) #ICGWG contest. Submit the 1 player (from either team) that you think will score the game winning goal.

So every Winnipeg Jets game day, be sure to submit your vote by @ tweeting us. To enter you must follow the rules which are;

1) You must hashtag (#) the contest you are entering. i.e. #IC5050 $45,750. (it makes it easier for us to determine winner).

2) You must only enter one name for the game winning goal contest. It not not one guess per team. i.e. If Jets are playing Senators, only pick #ICGWG Kane, but not #ICGWG Kane for Jets and Spezza for Senators.

3) You must submit your vote before the start of game time. For the #IC5050 we are more lenient but the #ICGWG must have an entry by puck drop.

We love giving away IC Gear to our readers/listeners and we have found the best method is with our Illegal Curve contests which run during Jets games.

Pink Touque