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Nightly Hockey Hits

Hockey Hits: Sundin chatter heats up, Dany Heatley from a Sens/Thrashers view and Nationalism in Hockey Pools.

Talk of Sundin signing is starting to heat up, but is it just idle chatter or something substantial? We look at Dany Heatley from a Thrashers point of view while also remembering that 4 years to the day was when the ‘missing piece’ came to the Senators. Fans react to the Team USA Olympic jerseys. Sticking with the Olympics, it appears that Datsyuk might be missing Russian camp. The Avs are rewarding fans with packages that don’t limit them to bad games. The Canucks needs at defense. And much, much more.

Some news and notes from around the blogs:

  • Blue Notes:  Sundin saga redux.  Perhaps similar to Favre he just doesn’t want to endure training camp and will wait till after the season gets underway to make a decision.  I’d be surprised to see him spurn the Canucks to sign with the Rangers
  • Bird Watchers Anonymous:  Dany Heatley exposed.  Excellent article by someone who had to deal with Heatley back in his Thrashers days.  Doesn’t appear to be too shocked at the antics that happened/are happening in Ottawa.
  • Sens Town:  A day that will live in infamy.  Four years to the day later, the man who was seen as the missing piece in Ottawa’s quest for the Cup, is now seen as the villian many Thrasher’s fans saw him for.
  • On Frozen Blog:  Reaction to the US Olympic jerseys.  I think they are quite nice (especially for Rangers fans)
  • T.O. Sports:  Bryan Berard – The forgotten franchise player.  A look back on his career and what could have been.
  • Snapshots:  Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk iffy for Russian orientation camp.   Not sure what “family circumstances” means, but it shouldn’t really matter as, when healthy, Datsyuk will be a beast for Mother Russia.
  • All things Avs:  15 prime Avs games for $20.  Those are some great prices to see a hockey game.  Lots of teams are trying these packages but usually the teams in the selection aren’t very good.  Nice to see the Avs not limiting the fans to the less desirable games.
  • 18,568 Reasons Why:  Analyzing the Gaborik situation two months later.  Sometimes its good to take some time before reflecting on the past.  It still must be painful having lost him without any compensation in return.
  • Oilersnation:  People in Edmonton don’t want to pay for a new arena.  With the current state of the economy, who wants to throw hard earned money away to build a new arena.  Some of these same people who would be shelling out their dough to this project would likely not be able to afford the tickets to the games anyways
  • Canucks Hockey Blog:  Looking at which additions the Canucks still need to make.  I agree that losing Ohlund will hurt more than some people realize
  • Working the Corners:  Assistant General Manager of the Sharks Wayne Thomas who also works as the Sharks goalie coach discusses the Sharks goaltending situation.  I personally don’t think this is the area that the Sharks are lacking in.  They need to provide Nabakov with some early scoring.  His GAA slipped a bit last season but if he can play 70+ games, you’ve gotta expect close to 50 wins for him again.
  • Puck-rakers:  Blue Jackets change ECHL affiliate.  I find it interesting how teams will sometimes share affiliates.
  • Dobber Hockey:  Fantasy hockey patriotism.  I have a bigger tendency to pick guys from team’s I enjoy watching than I would if they were Canadian or American or Russian.