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Nightly Hockey Hits

Hockey Hits: Devils diss the Nets to sell tickets, Are Burke/Wilson neglecting the Leafs in pursuit of Olympic Gold? and Are expectations too high for Tavares?

Tonight we avoid any Team Canada chat to focus on the Devils possibly dissing the Nets to help them sell tickets, some Leafs fans are wondering if the duo of Burke/Wilson are harming the Leafs chances to improve while they pursue Olympic gold, Dany Heatley is discussed from both a Rangers, & Oilers point of view, Sharks fans are not happy, are the expectations for John Tavares too high, even Veteran goalies are questioned in the dog days of summer and many more topics.

Some news and notes from around the blogs today:

  • Puck Daddy:  Can the NJ Devils sell tickets by dissing the Nets?  Always smart to rev up state pride
  • T.O. Sports:  Burke and Wilson are neglecting the Leafs in Olympic proportions.  I think Leaf fans have to be patient (they’ve waited 42 years, what is a few more).
  • Doen Goes Brown:  Win a copy of the 2009/10 Leafs annual.  If you are interested in all things Leafs, then check this outLots of links to Leaf bloggers.
  • Crash the Crease:  Truth, Justice and John Tavares.  I don’t think expectations are too high just yet so even if he doesn’t have a giant season, the lynch mob will likely hold off for at least one season.
  • Japers’ Rink:  Anton Gustafsson has great hockey sense, terrific hands and, above all, the eye of the tiger.  And a fancy red jumpsuit to matchI kept thinking Bodysuit man, Bodysuit man from Seinfeld.  But who doesn’t love listening to Eye of the Tiger?
  • Dobber Hockey:  Questions surrounding some of the veteran goalies in the NHL.   As I said the other day,  I think Nabakov is going to be stellar in the playoffs.
  • Puck Update:  Wilson: ‘I can save my job or I can save my team, but I can’t do both!’  He needed to do some radical things to get this team out of its lethargy.
  • Working the Corners:  Sharks GM: “Patrick Marleau has not been asked to waive his no-trade clause”.  I still think he can be effective for them this season but it seems like Sharks fans might be losing faith.
  • Tom Benjamin Canucks Blogs:  The Heatley soap opera.  I’m not sure how this situation is going to get resolved anytime soon.
  • Melt Your Face Off:  Some Dany Heatley hockey haiku.  If you are a Rangers fan it should bring a smile to your face.
  • The Cult of Hockey:  Will we ever know how Heatley-to-Edmonton came together and fell apart?  Never.  Total He said/She said.
  • On Frozen Blog:  Who is the best minor hockey team in the minor’s?  Plus they give you tons of free chocolate.
  • New York Rangers Blog:  Ranger prospects are listening to Tortorella.  Would you want to anger him?
  • Raw Charge:  Rumours of Barrie’s demise  have been exaggerated.  While perhaps exaggerated it appears inevitable that this situation will be resolved quickly, one way or another.