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Nightly Hockey Hits

Hockey Hits: Ovechkin scores in the kitchen, Senators coach defends Heatley’s role, Canucks GM looking for Veterans and is the NHL trying a move out of the MLB playbook?

Lots of stories from across the blogs: Alex Ovechkin looks to make a splash in the kitchen, Lucic is making a good impression for Team Canada, Clouston defends Heatley’s diminished role, Canucks GM looking to sign Vets, more on the NHL’s interest in buying the Coyotes, a look at some role players on the Flames & Oilers, a Q&A with Predator Ryan Ellis, whose going to save the Owners from themselves, an IC author’s horse is racing tonight and many more stories.

Some news and notes from across the blogs:

Eastern Conference:

  • The Bruins Blog:   Lucic attracting lots of attention for Team Canada.  Big, strong, mean, aggressive and has a personality.  This guy needs to be on Team Canada just for the enjoyment of the Press.
  • Puck Daddy:  Ottawa coach defends Heatley’s diminished role with Sens.  You never want to upset a guy with the potential to score 50 goals but Heatley needs to develop a bit thicker skin.  I always thought hockey was a team game.
  • Diner’s Journal:  Cooking is his goal.  Yup a blog about food.  Why you ask?  Because Alex Ovechkin will apparently be giving up his hockey stick for the day (sometime in Sept) for an apron at a trendy, Russian restaurant in New York.
  • On Frozen Blog:  Five storylines that defined the summer.  Is summer really over?
  • Die by the Blade:  Sabres have the depth to deal with injury.  Things are looking up for Buffalo.
  • Lighthouse Hockey:  Mike Sillinger retires after 17 seasons.  He sure played for a lot of teams

Western Conference:

  • Nucks Misconduct:  Gillis says he will sign as many as four veterans who are trying to rekindle their careers.  Some savy vets should help the Canucks during the grind of the post season.
  • Canucks Corner:  Worse than fiasco.  It’s true that this Phoenix situation keeps getting stranger by the day.  I also thought of MLB buying the Expos when I heard of the NHL’s intention and they could likely make some decent dough by selling the team themselvesPerhaps they should sell to Balsillie!
  • From the Rink:  Can the NHL outbid Balsillie?  Nobody has done as extensive reseach as Mirtle, so if you are at all curious about the situation in Phoenix, this is the blog to read.
  • The Cult of Hockey:  Stortini gets rid of the “Huggy Bear” style of fighting.  The Oilers clearly have some grit, but do they have enough scoring?
  • Crash the Crease:  Looking at the Flames third and fourth line combo’s.  I like the Flames depth and as I’ve been saying for awhile, expect a healthy Calgary to go far into the playoffs.
  • Dobber Hockey:  Two big fantasy opportunites.  I think Burrows is going to really step up big next season.
  • T.O. Sports:  An interview with Nashville Predator, Ryan Ellis.  Modest kid.  Should be very good in the Predators organization.

General NHL & Minors:

  • Puck Update:  Save the owners from themselves.  Amazing seeing that AlexiYashin is still the second highest paid Islander despite his playing in the KHL.
  • The Hockey News:  The NHL/KHL divide.  The KHL still isn’t close to the NHL in terms of talent but they are still in their infancy and offering young Russian players more options.
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  Team Canada 2010 power rankings.  Very good rankingsStill surprised to see how far Joe Thornton has fallen.
  • Icethetics:  Hershey gets new jerseys.  Not too bad.  The bear logo could be a bit more exciting.
  • USCHO:   Framingham State names new Head Coach.  He is going to have a lot of work to do with that program.  Only eight wins in last four seasons.
  • Assiniboia DownsTotally unrelated to hockey, my family’s horse (we own the back end unfortunately) is running tonight in the 3rd race.  Post time is 7:55pm cst.  His name is Tough Choice.  Loves the slop.  Look for me in the Winner’s Circle.