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Hockey Hits: Is the NHL going too far to prevent Balsillie from joining the party?

Some news and notes from around the blogs:

  • The Hockey News:  Thrashers GM Waddell’s record not as bad as advertised.  There are some pretty bad GM’s out thereIs Waddell really the worst?  Thrashers not making the playoff’s is a pretty big strike against him but if you look there are 4 other teams that still have yet to make the post season since the lockout.  (Toronto, Florida, Phoenix and L.A.).
  • Battle of Alberta:  Winning isn’t everything.  Very good article about the long term ramifications of the league’s anti-Balsillie stance.
  • Lighthouse Hockey:  What is Doug Weight’s ideal role?  Leadership and some decent secondary scoring.
  • Sens Chirp:  Deadline looms.  Lots of chatter about Heatley
  • The Cult of Hockey:  Smid back with the Oilers and ready for prime time.  The Oilers are going to need him to step up this season.
  • PuckUpdate:  KHL using journeyman goalie Robert Esche as centerpiece for advertising.  While I agree he certainly isn’t name brand, it is a kinda funny adAlthough what’s the deal with the man purse he appears to be holding?
  • Fantasty Hockey Scouts:  Jay and the team at FHS  asked a blogger from each of the 30 teams to pick two breakout players from their teams.  Here is a list of the Southeast division.  If your looking for fantasy players check this out.
  • icethetics:  A look at Team Canada Olympic jersey.  Very nice.  Although it’s no Canada Cup 1987 jersey
  • T.O. Sports:  Will the Toronto Maple Leafs finally make the NHL Playoffs?  Not this season.  My prediction is 9th-11th.   Unless more Leaf fans shows up like this and distract the opposing team

    Via T.O. Sports

    Via T.O. Sports