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Hockey Hits: Guess who’s back, back again, Jim Balsillie’s back tell a friend.

Some news and notes from the Blogs today:

  • TSN:  Balsillie will be permitted to bid at Coyotes auction.  Won’t the creditors be happy.  Perhaps they will get a bit more for the Coyotes.
  • The 3rd Intermission:  The Phoenix Coyotes are dead, almost, just give it a minute.  Wow.  I don’t think they are dead just yet
  • Five Hole Fanatics:  Patience is a virtue.  I agree that the opportunity to get Tanguay for a low price would seem tempting.
  • The Copper & Blue:  Do the Oilers have too many bodies?  Looks like the Oilers should be fine
  • Lowetide:  A look at Sam Gagner.  Here is a look at one of those Oiler bodies.
  • The Bruins Blog:  Bergeron’s point days should be through.  Makes sense to move him back to playing forward.  Why pay Morris all the money if not to help improve the PP.
  • Four Habs Fans:  Brushes with Habness – John LeClair.  Funny how Eric Lindros was such a draw back in the day.
  • Lions in Winter:  Getting to know the Habs “Getting To Know” question setter.  How can you tell it is summer.  The guys who ask questions are being interviewed.  Although said individual does have pretty good access to Montreal’s players.
  • Puck Daddy:  How you’ll learn to stop worrying and love ads on jerseys.  Never.  Can’t do itOf course if they can make money from it, I can’t see them not doing itWho wouldn’t want to buy a jersey with a big Viagra stich on it.