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Heritage Classic

Heritage Classic: A sacking takes place at McMahon Stadium during hockey game!

The Heritage Classic video that everyone is talking about following the game.

It’s the video that appears to be stealing the show from this season’s Heritage Classic.

During the 2nd period intermission, when the band Metric was rocking out in the frigid Alberta cold, two buddies realized that they had made the jumbo-tron. Well one friend was satisfied with throwing his hands in the air, but his buddy had other ideas.  He decided to give the 41,022 fans in McMahon Stadium (and the millions watching at home) a little juvenile fun. And the rest is YouTube and internet history…..

So was this video your highlight from the 2011 Tim Horton’s Heritage Classic?

Update:  Here is the audio from the guys interview of Mike (the sackee) & Nick (the sacker) that have brought so much joy to the hockey public.