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Giving thumbs up to the Jason Williams signing

From Do Thrashers Have Talons?:

So what do we have here? A player still in the peak section of his career. A guy who has demonstrated above averaging scoring ability, but is not really an elite 1st line scoring threat. A guy who probably will see more even strength ice time here in Atlanta and if he stays healthy could put up new career highs in points.

Overall I give this signing a thumbs up. Every player comes with upside and downside risks. In the case of Williams there appears to be more upside potential than risk of collapse. On the other hand, Williams is not an elite/impact sort of guy, he’s more of a 2nd line NHL forward on a playoff team and you can’t expect him to push the Thrashers into playoff contention by himself. If expectations are kept in check, he will likely end the season in the “pleasant surprise” category for many fans.

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Williams is a solid addition to a terrible hockey team. He should see lots of ice-time and have a chance to improve on his previous season-highs if he stays healthy. If only the Thrashers entire team had as much upside…