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Gaborik apparently not mentioned in trade talks

From Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Risebrough says he has not had any trade conversations regarding Gaborik and has not gotten any calls from other GM’s (which I find hard to believe on the latter). He says he’s only concentrating on signing Gaborik before the Oct. 11 opener.

He wouldn’t answer hypotheticals when asked if he feels he’d have to trade Gaborik before the season if the winger makes it clear he won’t sign an extension.

Risebrough said he doesn’t plan to respond to any trade rumors during this process. “A lot of people on your side are fiction writers, and I’m not dealing with all the fiction writers. So the best thing is not to deal with any of [the rumors].”

Read the entire entry from Russo’s Rants here.

It is clear Risebrough isn’t going to negotiate in public because, rest assured, he has gotten inquiries from other GMs about the superstar’s availability.