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Focus on Manitoba Moose forward Jansen Harkins

We talk to Moose forward Jansen Harkins as well as coach Keith McCambridge.

Jansen Harkins at IcePlex

Topics:    His first practice with the Moose.  End of his Jr. season.  Difference between his development camp last summer to this point now.  On signing an ATO with the Moose.  Will he be in the lineup on Tuesday?  Did the team give him anything to work on during the year?

Jansen Harkins

Topics:  What are his initial thoughts from today’s practice.  Will he play on Tuesday?  Will he play centre? What are the expectations on him as a player?  How difficult is it for players to make that transition from the Jr game to the pro ranks?  On older players helping with the adjustment to the team.

Coach McCambridge