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End of Manitoba Moose 2022-23 Season media availability with Oskari Salminen

Hear from the Finnish netminder.

Finnish netminder Oskari Salminen signed a two-year deal with the Jets last May after playing in Finland the last few years. He played 39 games this season sharing the net with Swedish goalie Arvid Holm. He would finish with 18 wins, 13 losses with six overtime losses and two shootout losses. He had a 3.06 GAA and a .896 save% during the regular season.

He went up to the NHL for the Jets playoff run to act as the third goalie and practice with the team. He came back down when the playoffs ended for Winnipeg and he got the Moose net starting in game 2 of their five-game playoff series with the Admirals. He would play four straight games winning two and losing two but was excellent finishing with a 2.25 GAA and a .923 save%.

He discussed his first year in North America, how it helped his development to play in the Jets/Moose organization, what area that he saw the most improvement, the playoffs, using the motivation to bring it to his summer training, plans for the summer and his time working with the guys in the NHL.