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Elliotte Friedman Report: Pierre-Luc Dubois has told Winnipeg Jets he plans to test free agency in 2024

Big nugget from Friedman.

Never not an exciting day in Winnipeg as Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet broke this news during intermission:

That Pierre-Luc Dubois has informed the Jets he plans on testing free agency. Here is the quote via Sportsnet:

“Pierre-Luc Dubois has informed the Winnipeg Jets that his current plan is to test unrestricted free agency when eligible in the summer of 2024,” Friedman said. “Now the Jets have control of the process until then, and what we’re also hearing though is that they wish to keep him and have him as a Jet for a long time to come.”

Now it’s possible this is simply posturing but it’s also possibly that he plans on walking when he is no longer under team control.