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Elliotte Friedman discussing Barry Trotz and Winnipeg Jets on The Jeff Marek Show

Latest news on the number one coaching prospect for the Jets.

Elliotte Friedman was on The Jeff Marek Show today discussing all things NHL from the playoffs to the NHL coaching carousel. With Cassidy heading to Vegas and Tortorella to Philly the talk turned to Barry Trotz and what might be happening with the Dauphin, Manitoba product.

Here is what Friedman had to say when asked about the most intriguing remaining coaching vacancy:

“I would say probably the one that is the most interesting to me is the Winnipeg one because the thing here with Trotz is, so I don’t think Trotz and Vegas got close, I don’t think. I do think Trotz and Philly were very serious. I think the Flyers were very, very serious about Barry Trotz. I think he was their top choice and I think he decided to go in another direction. I think he told them yesterday that he was going in another direction or it wasn’t going to be Philly and they went to Tortorella who they hope to finalize tomorrow. But that’s kinda where we are. So now you’re sitting here and you’re saying ‘ok well I don’t think Trotz is going to Dallas, I don’t think he’s on their radar anymore. So all of a sudden we’re starting to look here and say ‘k which door is it?’. And I think Winnipeg is in it. I don’t know about Detroit, I’m pretty sure he’s talked to them. I suspect Boston is around it, I’m sure they’ve at least talked. Unless he decides he’s not going to coach next year, which I don’t think will happen, I think he’s going to coach. There’s fewer and fewer doors to open here and I think it’s a good sign, at least for the Jets, that I don’t have a sense he’s said no to them.”

Friedman then addressed the talk about Trotz buying a house in Nashville which news came out on Tuesday:

“There was a lot of talk about Trotz buying a house in Nashville yesterday. One of the things I did think is if he went into management right now it might be with the Predators. That they would be willing to say if you want to come into management come join us. That kinda stuff doesn’t always throw me. It doesn’t necessarily mean to me that I would say that is a huge sign one way or the other. I know some people looked at that yesterday ‘what does this mean?’ Sometimes it doesn’t mean more than the guy really likes Nashville and that might be his place whenever he’s done.”

Listen here (Jets talk starts at 17:06):