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Drama in the Desert: Senator McCain likes hockey more than he hates pork, Jets fans refuse to quit, Poll results are in regarding future Winnipeg NHL name.

Winnipeg Sun (audio):  Rebuttal for BelangerSun sports editor Ted Wyman, sports columnist Paul Friesen and Kirk Penton debate comments by Phoenix Coyotes player Eric Belanger saying NHL players don’t want to play in Winnipeg Informative discussion.

Wall Street Journal (Subscription required):  No relief likely for Muni bonds.  Doesn’t bode well for COG.

Versus:  After further review.  Dater backs down after he ripped Coyotes fans last week.  He continues to make the valid point that;

There is just something bothersome, in a kind of primal way, when something isn’t properly appreciated. It’s why your parents chided you as a kid – There are kids starving out there, and you’re turning up your nose at that piece of steak???Coyotes fans have a great big piece of filet mignon in front of them right now, and too many Arizonans have pushed the plate away.

Metro:  Morris Lukowich Jets legend looks for team’s rebirth. Always good to hear former players saying nice things about the city.



Fox 10 Phoenix:  Coyotes leavingGoldwater CEO Darcy Olsen lays out their position in this series of 4 video’s as speaks about the situation in Phoenix.  Senator McCain’s comment (video 4), if accurate, is brilliant;

Darcy Olsen:  “I told Senator McCain that you fight against pork like this everyday in Washington and this is clearly pork, how can you support this?”

Interviewer:  “What did Senator McCain say?”

Darcy Olsen:  “I like hockey”.

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