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Drama in the Desert & Dixie: Winnipeg journalists battle it out, Does support of AHL’s Moose reflect future NHL support?

Council of Glendale (page 3, item 2a):  Coyotes added to the agenda for May 3rd meetingYou would think that the COG and its attorney know the position of the COG regarding the Phoenix Coyotes.

Winnipeg Sun: Fans aren’t Bettman’s bosses, so support the team we have.   Bruce Dowbiggin of the Globe and Mail last week seemed to suggest that a loss of either the Phoenix or Atlanta market wouldn’t adversely affect the TV contract.

Team 1200 (Audio):  Scott Taylor joins Team 1200 to talk poor journalismScott sounds like he has a personal axe to grind with Lawless.


The Hockey Writers:  Atlanta Thrashers 2011 Unrestricted free agentsSince people think it’s important to keep your eyes on more than 1 team, here is an intro to the unrestricted free agents on the Thrashers.

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