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Drama in the Desert & Dixie: TSN Report says Thrashers having trouble finding local investors, new deal to keep Coyotes in Az in the works, awaiting Goldwater response.

Winnipeg Free Press: Ability to host NHL team ‘debatable’That’s just it, you can’t disagree with his point because nobody can know 100% if an NHL team will be viable in Winnipeg on its 2nd time aroundWe can postulate and theorize, but until the city is given opportunity, the debate will rage on.

TSN:  What makes Winnipeg and Quebec viable for NHLAnother very good piece by Naylor.

Goldwater Institute:  Goldwater offers solutions to Coyotes quandary The ball is back in COG court.

Winnipeg Free Press:  The end of Coyotes sage could be near.  I’d say we’ve been hearing this (“the end is near”) over and over but perhaps this Tuesday will finally be “the end” one way or another as the COG votes on a “new deal”, and apparently even the GWI might be fine with it.

“Well, the bottom line for us is that the money flowing from the city cannot be grossly disproportionate to the money flowing back. If the NHL provides seller financing by cutting its price substantially and/or spreading purchase payments over the term of the lease, if the city cuts its contribution substantially, if the management fee is reduced to cover primarily operating expenses that would otherwise be born by the city, and if Hulsizer guarantees revenue flows to the city backed by something more than a promise from a shell entity, then it is conceivable the deal could pass constitutional muster,” Dranias told the Free Press in an email. “I’m not holding my breath because if they had a deal that was constitutional, I think they would have shared it with us already.”

Montreal Gazette:  New deal to keep Coyotes in Arizona in the worksIt appears that the Friday deadline that we’ve been hearing is, in fact, relevant.  In order for the COG to vote on the motion during the following Tuesday’s meeting of the council it needs to be looked at on Friday.  I still don’t see how this deal still won’t offend the sensibilities of the Goldwater InstituteBut perhaps this will be enough to Save the Coyotes.
Save the Coyotes

TSN:  Thrashers having trouble finding local investorsThe problem as I understand it is current ownership is very basketball orientated and hockey is not of primary importance other than filling 41 nights a season in Phillips Arena.  This is terrible for fans of the team, as the team isn’t given all the advantages of an ownership that wants to win (although this isn’t always going to result in a winning team; see Washington Capitals).

Toronto Sun:  Another plan to save Coyotes?   I still don’t see how this “new deal” will avoid a law suit by Goldwater.

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