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Drama in the Desert: Shane Doan has had enough, Glendale has worries, Last Nordique dreams of NHL return to Quebec City.

Toronto Star:  The last Nordique dreams of NHL’s return to Quebec City. Folks in QC are eagerly awaiting a return of NHL hockey.  How great would it be to see a Canadiens vs. Nordiques game!!

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Fox Sports:  Glendale’s got….worries.  That’s a lot of drama…in the desert.

ESPN:  Reviewing the season predictions (#5).  Burnside & LeBrun look back at what they thought would happen with the Coyotes and make a further prediction for what might happen in the next few months.

Winnipeg Sun:  Shane Doan has had enough alreadyI can understand his frustration.  When all he likely wants is to have the focus be about the on-ice success of his team and making the post season, he is instead being constantly peppered with questions regarding a potential move.

Winnipeg Sun:  Coyotes coach has Winnipeg tiesHe can’t exactly say “yes, I’m looking forward to being back in Canada”.  Coach Tippett can learn to love heading 90 minutes east on the Trans Canada Highway to some of the most beautiful land (lake of the woods) you’ve ever seen.

Winnipeg Sun:  Who is this Hawerchuk fellowSome of the memorable quotes from yesterday’s Paul Friesen video.  I was kinda surprised that the guy who was asked about Hawerchuk/Selanne has followed hockey for 13 years.  It’s one thing not to know a historical player like Ducky, but how can you not know a player like Selanne who plays for a division rival and is one of the best players in the league.

Picture of the Day – From our good friends at Icethetics:
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Video of the Day – Hockeycentral Panel discusses Phoenix: