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Commissioner Bettman provides update about an outdoor game in Winnipeg

Commissioner Bettman provides an update about an outdoor game in Winnipeg.

IG Pano

During the 2nd intermission of today’s Winter Classic Sportsnet’s Scott Oake asked Commissioner Bettman about an outdoor game in Winnipeg to which the commish said “We haven’t settled on a date that we are ready to announce.  We do owe Winnipeg a game.  And we would have been there last year but for the Grey Cup and some complications.” He then spun the conversation towards outdoor games in general.

So while fans don’t have a concrete date to look forward to in 2017 we have further confirmation that you can expect to see some outdoor hockey at IG Field next year.

The next question fans may be asking is which team would they prefer to see the Jets face during the Heritage Classic.