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Breaking News: Risebrough fired as Wild GM

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Wild GM Doug Risebrough has been fired by owner Craig Leipold, in a surprise decision annouced by the team today.

The Wild, in an annoucement released to the media just after noon, said Risebrough’s contract will not be renewed “beyond the 2008-2009 season.”

“The entire Minnesota Wild organization is forever indebted to Doug for his substantial efforts in establishing this franchise’s solid foundation and winning tradition,” said Leipold in the statement. “The positive impact of Doug’s service will be felt for many years to come. We wish Doug the very best.”

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Guess its a surprise that he was let go considering that Gaborik’s injury was a big reason they didn’t make the playoffs but it seems that Minnesota fans are ready for a change and it starts at the top.

The Jets are scheduled to return to the ice for practice tomorrow after taking today off.

The Moose will play the first ever school day game. @ICdave will join @danielthefink on the broadcast.

We will have plenty of news on

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