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Breaking News: Drama in the Desert Gets More Dramatic

Eric Duhatschek from the Globe & Mail reports here

In a move that will likely keep the Phoenix Coyotes operating in Arizona for at least another year, Glendale city council will on Tuesday discuss a resolution that would extend the city’s management agreement with the league for the 2011-12 NHL season.

According to city councilor H. Philip Lieberman, the proposal under discussion would authorize the city to secure financial mechanisms that are “reasonably necessary to satisfy the NHL’s requirements to keep the team where it for another season.”

In effect, the resolution, if passed, would buy the league and the city more time to find “a qualified ownership group that will be committed to retaining the team in Glendale.”

All I can say about this is wow, we at Illegal Curve will take a wait-and-see approach as to what happens on Tuesday.  As hard as it is to believe that Glendale would pay for another year of losses, I don’t think it would be too shocking. It is clear that any concept of a rational thought has been thrown out the window in this ongoing ownership saga. Gary Bettman & the City of Glendale are hanging onto the idea of the NHL in Phoenix and saying “i’ll never let go Jack, I’ll never let go”

With the ownership situation potentially solved for one more year, all eyes will now focus on the Atlanta Thrashers.

We will be covering more on this topic on tomorrow’s Illegal Curve Hockey Show, 9am-12pm CST. You can listen to the show here at or Additionally, we will be covering the Atlanta Thrashers’ ownership situation with Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal Constitution