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Bob Goodenow in Russia

Stu Hackel notes in yesterday’s Morning Skate blog that Bob Goodenow is over in Russia and was at Omsk’s practice, where he watched Jaromir Jagr skate.

P. Lysenko of Sovietsky Sport spoke with both, first Goodenow who, he writes (you’ll love this), “stood at the boards and watched the rolling Avangard from under the rectangular lenses of his glasses, the way a teacher’s gaze usually permeates schoolchildren when searching for those who have learned their lessons badly.”

What are you doing in Kazan?

“Since last fall I’ve worked as a consultant to the KHL. I was asked by Igor Larionov and Slava Fetisov. If any questions arise about the organization, I will help them. I give them ideas about how the league should be structured and the like. My goal is to improve Soviet…excuse me, Russian hockey.”

Do you want the KHL organized like the NHL?

“Not necessarily. The KHL should have their own way of development. Why should someone copy someone else?”

What are the ideas have you already come up with? Or is that a secret?

“I do not want to give any recommendations. During the season I will travel a lot in Russia, and examine the sport. And then I will give advice to the KHL’s managers, because they make the decisions.”

As a lawyer, what do you think about the Radulov situation?

Lysenko writes here, “Goodenow diplomatically did not say anything new, but merely repeated the words of KHL President Alexander Medvedev, and outlined the political situation that our league still has no transfer agreement with the NHL.”

Speaking simpler, Bob, who is right — Radulov or Nashville?

“And do they – must someone be blamed? Everyone thinks that they are within their rights? The result requires diplomacy and the IIHF.”

The Rangers’ interest in Avangard has little to do with Jagr and everything to do with his Omsk teammate, Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov. Pelino has visited Russia before, in 2000, and finds it more beautiful today. He also thinks the KHL is on the right track and that the smaller-sized arenas might benefit them, saying the larger ones might actually hinder their ability at this point to do business.

How does the KHL differ from the NHL?

“The first thing that grabs my attention is the size of the rinks….There is no place for “bang-bang” action. Hockey here is more calculated, there’s more teamwork. The players spend more time in the attacking zone and they prefer puck possession — which can be better; they don’t get their bodies beaten every minute.”

Is that good or bad?

“Probably, well… it’s just a different style of hockey. It has its own charm.”

Has Jagr asked you about the Rangers?

“He just asked about the guys. Now he’s thinking only about Omsk.”

What do you think about the relationship between the KHL and the NHL?

“I am sure we should respect each other’s contracts. I do not know about other NHL clubs, but the Rangers will not violate the rules. Cherepanov has a contract here with Avangard — we have to honor it, not violate it. We let him play in Omsk and gain experience. And if Alex says that he’s better off in Russia right now, we will not disturb him.”

Pelino also discussed Russia’s newest hockey celebrity, Chris Simon, although he “speaks slowly, chooses his words carefully,” according to Lysenko, and says, “He’s a good person. His teammates love him. That’s how it was when he played for us before the lockout. But on the ice, sometimes it’s as if he goes mad and he starts looking for someone to fight.”

Check the blog out. There is a ton of interesting information in there, including a look at the hockey jerseys worn by the Michigan delegates at the RNC.

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