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How to Handle Young Players

Sportsnet’s Chris Nichols has an interesting take on how different teams handle their young talent.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake as 30 teams vie for one championship; international exposure comes with both success and failure and 18-year olds are often asked of too much in what is a surely man’s game.

Some squads like Detroit have done quite nicely by their young players, while others haven’t fared as well.

*cough* Toronto *cough*

Sorry, couldn’t resist. As a guy who’s lived in the West all of his life, I’ve actually got it written into my contract that I’m allowed two free cheap shots at an Eastern-based team each month.

Back to the point at hand though – how do you prepare a fresh-faced player for the rigours of the grinding NHL schedule?

Teams tend to take varying approaches. Some opt to season prospects with more junior, college and AHL experience, while others will throw them directly to the proverbial wolves out of sheer necessity or sheer stupidity – take your pick.

In today’s NHL, teams will need a reasonably steady supply of young, cheap players that can contribute right away. Watch for this trend to continue.

What a wild and wacky Friday.

Jets beat Stars 5-4 in OT
Moose lose 3-0 to Griffins
Ice beat Blades 6-3

And we start all over again tomorrow. IC Hockey Show at 9 AM.

Lots of Jets content to come on

If you couldn't join us live on the Illegal Curve Post-Game Show fear not as you can download the podcast or watch the replay.

Last up from American Airlines Arena was Jets bench boss Rick Bowness who spoke about his new team's OT victory over his old team.

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